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Best Green Web Hosting Companies In The World 2018

Best Green Web Hosting Providers OF 2018


The need for opting the green web hosting is more now than any other times. Because the effects of global warming have started to manifest across the world with temperatures shooting to record breaks. By opting for a green web host you will do your bit to contribute towards the ecosystem.

GREEN WEB HOSTING is a kind of web hosting where the host uses a renewable energy source like sun, wind or hydroelectricity for powering his servers and offices and cooling systems. Some hosts buy the equal amount of green energy credits of the amount of energy they are using for their servers and offices and cooling systems. Web Hosting servers do consume a lot of energy and opting for GREEN WEB HOSTING certainly makes an ideal choice. And also you are getting this at no extra cost, infact the best green web hosting companies in the world are offering hosting plans at the cheapest prices, for eg. iPage.

GreenGeeks claim to be the no. 1 green hosting company in the world. They say that they are 300% green. You might wonder what is 300%. It means that they are buying 300% of green energy credits of the amount of energy they are pulling from the grid. By opting for these green web hosting companies you will not only get the best hosting packages, but you will also feel good that you are helping the enviornmental cause. You can also get the green hosting badge and let your would be site's visitors know that your site runs on green and ecofriendly resources.

Best Green Web Hosting Companies OF 2018

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GreenGeeks Green Web Hosting

GreenGeeks was founded in 2006 by Trey Gardner. He is currently the CEO of GreenGeeks and has over 13 years experience in the web hosting industry. They are growing in stature and reputation and now proudly host more than 1,00,000 web sites. GreenGeeks, as the name suggests are a 300% Green hosting company. How are they 300% green? They buy 3 times the green renewable energy credits of the amount of energy their servers and offices pull out from the grid. They have won quite a few Green Hosting awards and the company claims they are the No. 1 Green Hosts. GreenGeeks offer unlimited hosting at a fair cost of US $3.95/month. You can host unlimited sites in one account, plus you get unlimited diskspace and bandwidth. Read Full GreenGeeks Review 2018

Price - US $3.95/mo MoneyBack - 30 Days - Diskspace - Unlimited Transfer - Unlimited Domain- FREE Host Multiple Websites in one account


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iPage Green Web Hosting

iPage is one of the top green hosting companies around. Founded by industry veterans, it has been in the hosting business since 1998. It is considered currently to be amongst the top web hosting companies that provide hosting solutions for individuals, businesses and organizations. It has six worldwide locations and it serves customers from 150 countries and hosts more than a million websites. iPage provides unlimited green hosting at a steal away price of US $ 1.99/month. You can't get cheaper than this! iPage offers unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, plus you can host multiple sites in 1 account and over $500 in free extras (which include $100 google adwords advertising credits and $100 Bing advertising credits) Read Full iPage Review 2018

Price - US $1.99/mo MoneyBack - 30 Days - Diskspace - Unlimited Transfer - Unlimited Domain- FREE Host Multiple Websites in one account

Visit iPage

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HostPapa Green Web Hosting

Hostpapa is an excellent choice for hosting a professional or personal site even if you are a beginner to web hosting. At Hostpapa they say their motto is "Let papa take care of you!". And indeed it is true. You will find excellent customer support at Hostpapa via online chat or email or phone. HostPapa is amongst the top green web hosting companies in the world and offers unlimited every thing at a cheap cost of US $2.95/month. For some reason, which we don't know why, Hostpapa is more favoured by Canadian customers than US customers. Read Full Hostpapa Review 2018

Price - US $2.95/mo MoneyBack - 30 Days - Diskspace - Unlimited Transfer - Unlimited Domain- FREE Host Multiple Websites in one account


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HostGator Green Web Hosting

Hostgator a Houston based company, founded in 2002 has become a giant in the web hosting industry today with over 8 million domains hosted and serves about 1% of the internet traffic. Hostgator is leading the international market today with lots of satisfied customers. Eventhough Host Gator specializes in reseller hosting, you can also get reasonably priced shared and dedicated server hosting plans. Read Full Hostgator Review 2018


What Is Green Web Hosting? And Why Should I Opt For Green Web Hosting?

The need to reduce the carbon footprint and pollution is more than necessary now because the earth is heating up and the effects of pollution are resulting into global warming. You might say what this has got to do with web hosting? but remember, the web hosting companies use a great deal of power for running their data centres and servers and cooling systems.These servers are active 24/7 and they consume a large amount of electricity. And generally this power comes from non renewable or you can say non green energy sources.

Green Hosting is a kind of eco friendly web hosting which means that the green web hosting companies are using eco friendly and renewable sources of power for powering their data centres, and servers and offices. The internet is spreading rapidly and just consider the amount of energy consumed by these (non-green) companies in the near future. So opting for green hosting certainly makes a great choice. If you can start your website and help the enviornmental cause at the same time without any extra cost, why not opt for it?

These companies either generate their own green energy by the use of natural resources such as the sun, wind or hydroelectricity or they buy green energy credits of the amount of energy they use.