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Linux Vs. Windows Hosting

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Linux Vs Windows Hosting

While searching for hosting for your maybe first web site, you probably have come across the terms, Linux hosting and Windows Hosting. You might wonder what is the difference between the two and which one you should choose? What are the advantages of choosing one over the other?

Linux and Windows, as you know are two operating systems. The terms Linux Hosting and Windows hosting reffer to the operating system which your web host uses on the server on which your site will be hosted. Linux hosting is the more common, popular and cheaper as well. In fact most of the websites nowadays are hosted on the linux servers. You might think that I have Windows on my PC at home, so I have to choose Windows Hosting? Wrong!! The operating system you use on your PC has nothing to do with hosting. It has rather to do with the platform which your site uses.

If you are developing your site in PHP, MySql or you simply want to start a blog with the Wordpress Script, then Linux hosting is the best choice for you. Nowadays Windows Hosting also offers support for PHP, so it will work on either of them. But the performance of PHP is great on Linux and without hassles than on windows.

Linux is a open source system, so the web host doesn't have to pay for it, which results in Linux hosting being cheaper than windows. You will get a graphical control panel in Linux Hosting too. Linux runs on the Apache server which is the most popular these days and on which 60% of the sites are hosted these days. Windows hosting runs on the Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Services).

But if you are using specific Microsoft technologies such as ASP, Frontpage, .Net and MSSQL, then you will have to go for Windows Hosting only. Because they will not run on Linux. So unless you are using specific Microsoft technology you can choose Linux. There isn't much difference there from the user's point of view. The difference lies behind the scene.

Top Linux Web Hosts

link to hostgaotr web hosts HostGator Hosting Review

Hostgator a Houston based company, founded in 2002 has become a giant in the web hosting industry today with over 8 million domains hosted and serves about 1% of the internet traffic. Hostgator is leading the international market today with lots of satisfied customers. Eventhough Host Gator specializes in reseller hosting, you can also get reasonably priced shared and dedicated server hosting plans. HostGator Review

link to bluehost web hosting Bluehost Hosting Review

Bluehost is in the web hosting business since 1996. So they are a veteran and pioneer in this arena. Ever since their interception in 1996, they are steadily growing in reputation and stature. Their cutting edge technology is what separates them from their competitors. Bluehost strives to offer outstanding services in regards to technology, customer support and uptime. Yet their prices aren't high, guess what? bare $ 3.95/month.Bluehost Review

link to hostpapa web hosting HostPapa Hosting Review

Hostpapa is an excellent choice for hosting a professional or personal site if you are a beginner or a pro to web hosting. At Hostpapa they say their motto is "Let papa take care of you!". And indeed it is true. You will find excellent customer support at Hostpapa via online chat or email or phone. Hostpapa Review

link to Justhost web hosts JustHost Hosting Review

Justhost has been in the industry since 2008. Compared to other hosting companies, they can be called relatively new, but they are the company that is making the buzz today and are continuosly growing in size and popularity. Justhost, the company is London based with other offices situated at USA, UK and Australia. JustHost Review

Top Windows Web Hosts

link to eUKhost web host EukHost Hosting Review

eUKHOST can be a good choice if you intend to buy hosting from a UK based company. eUKhost Ltd. is operated from their registered office based in Leeds -UK and Datacenter in Maidenhead (Berkshire, UK). Beginning in 2001 they have over 10 years experience in hosting industry. They were amongst the first companies in Europe to offer fully automated web hosting services to their clients. What sets eUKHOST apart is their technology, the no. of services offered at a reasonable price. They also specialise in Dedicated, VPS, Cloud and Reseller Hosting. eUKHost Review

link to Godaddy web host Godaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy is a giant of the web hosting industry. Compared to others they are much larger in size and the number of features they provide as a domain registrar. They currently have 45 million domains registered with them. This accounts for the comprehensive set of features they offer for registering domain names. They provide suggestions for domain names,if the domain name you are looking for isn't available you can still buy it with back order, they also have domain auctions, where you can buy the really 'hot' domain names, offer quite cool discounts for bulk purchases and much more. GoDaddy Review