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Creating A Website The Right Way -

As you have landed on this site, you are interested in creating a website - probably your first. How to create a website? huh... The answer is it is much easier than it sounds and creating a website can really be fun, especially if you follow the tips on this site. Creating a website the right way which will result in rewards for you, monetary or otherwise is what we are going to teach you. You'll find all the information required for creating a website right from choosing a domain to marketing and monetizing your website.
So... Let's get started.

Now that you have seen the 5 steps let's get started with step 1 - Choosing a Topic For your Website...

Choosing A Website Topic -

The first and foremost area that you should consider (which many neglect) is the topic on which your website is going to be based upon. Selecting the right topic can be a tough task as the internet is filled with tons of them. This depends upon whether your aim is to make money online or to provide information or for fun. While selecting a topic you should consider the following four points :

Step 1: Identifying the aim-goal of your site.
Step 2: How much liking-passion you have for the Topic.
Step 3: How much knowledge you have about your prefered Topic.
Step 4: What is your monetary budget.

First you should consider what is going to be the purpose of your website. Whether it is going to be educational or fun or you want make money from your site. You can make money from any site anyways if your site ranks well in Google or other major search engines. But identifying your purpose will help you plan your site better. For eg. if yours is going to be a research site with many new posts then a blogging platform like wordpress will be ideal for you. If it is just for fun or personal then some of the free website hosting platform like Wordpress.Org or or any other can do (although we do not recommend going for free websites - as it will cost you more in the end).

Secondly consider how much passion-liking you have for the topic. More the passion, more it will drive you to work hard and probably see success in the end. If you don't have a passion for the topic, then work will not seem like play. Anyway you will enjoy working on a site you are passionate about and can sustain your efforts for longer time, which is the key to success in inetrnet business as it takes time to work.

The more knowledgable you are about an idea the more it will help you to succeed. Use the internet to gain more and more knowledge about your web idea before you start your site, as you will be one step ahead of the competition. Use the wikipedia or wikihow sites to increase your knowledgebase. Further, generally do not go for a broad idea. Consider a niche market as it will be much easier to rank well in the search engines for a niche market than a broad idea. The Broad topics are already saturated with many sites competing. Do research on Google about the competition for your chosen topic. Choose the niche topic which is profitable but has lesser competition. This should be done well before you start developing your site because you can not change the topic of your site later on.

Finally consider your monetary budget. If it is a blog or personal site or small-medium business site etc. it won't cost you much, but if you plan to start an online store or ecommerce site then be ready with a heavy pocket. Because you will need to promote your site on a larger scale. If you plan to make serious money from your website then you'll have to invest some in the beginning. Don't fall in the traps of online scams who promise to make you a million in a month with or without a website. Online money takes time and effort to come. The more you put in the more you get back.

Tools - Services You'll Need -

GoDaddy Domain Registration - GoDaddy are the world's largest ICANN Rgistrars. So they are great for domain name registration. So if you plan to secure your domain name in advance then register your domain with Godaddy.Com.
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HostGator Web Hosting - If for some reason you don't want to go with iPage then the second best option is HostGator.Com . HostGator are the giants of the web hosting industry with currently hosting over 9,000,000 domains. Hostgator's service and technology is top class and trusted by millions as a web host. Hostgator provides unlimited space, transfer, a free domain name and cPanel control panel and a 45 Day moneyback guarantee. Hostgator's Basic Plan starts at $3.96/month. Use coupon code create25disc to get 25% discount on your total package price.

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Adobe Dreamweaver - You will need an editor to edit all your site files including .html, .css, .php or any other type. Adobe dreamweaver is a WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor for web files and provides an integrated enviornment to develope your site. But it is costly and you may want to choose another editor. Still you can download the 30 Day Free trial of Dreamweaver HERE.

Php Designer 8 - An alternative to Dreamweaver is Php Designer 8. Because it is much less complicated and easy to learn and use and much less expensive. Php Designer 8 will take care of editing all your site files including .Php, .css, .html5, javascript and many other and provides FTP utility. You can buy PHP Designer 8 commercial license for a price of $89 HERE.

Adobe Photoshop - You will also need a photo editor to create logos, banners of your site and also edit photos to be posted on your site. Adobe Photoshop is excellent for editing and creating images and effects. You can download a free trial or buy photoshop HERE.